Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do different stages of the project look like?

We start every project by adjusting the package to your needs. Once that’s done, we sign a design agreement for the chosen package. Next, one of our experienced architects begins designing your dream flat. After you accept the architect’s work, we move on to the implementation stage. We sign up the final contract that protects both parties and describes the rules of mutual cooperation. Once the implementation stage is done you get a finished, cleaned up apartment ready to move in to.

What if I like a product that’s available in a different package than the one I chose?

Not a problem! You can combine selected elements from different packages. If there’s anything you like more in one of the other packages, just let us know and we’ll be happy to change it. Naturally, any price differences (cheaper/more expensive products) will need to be paid or returned.

What if we bought the majority of the products elsewhere?

Even though we offer packages, we’re flexible and open to adjusting to every situation. In this case, we’ll deduct their price from the price of the package according to our product pricing.

What if we want something that’s not available in any of the packages?

We’ll give you a quote and do it.

Do the packages include kitchen furnishing?

No, but we’ll take care of your kitchen too. We offer both modular and individual kitchen designs. Everything depending on your needs and budget.

And what about a fitted kitchen?

We design and install those too.

What about the choice of furniture/lighting?

An architect assigned to your project will help you with everything. From choosing the manufacturers to purchasing and installation.

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